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Find placer mining properties in British Columbia, Canada. USA & Internationally. We specialize in hard rock and placer commodities with a focus on gold.

Our mission - BC GOLD


For entrepreneurs and scientists, we wish to work with you on meaningful projects and those of scale. Utilizing the CIM’s vision of no casualty, the 5 Pillars of sustainable mining and leveraging the emergence of great technologies: sensory, AI, automation and the refinement of ground control communication with great machinery…we are on the cusp of a new era. These technologies, tempered with refined human traits: reason, caution, humility, hard work and committed, responsive attentiveness. Join us in the pursuit of sustenance, improvement and adventure. Let us know if these goals are shared, contact us for collaboration.

Western Canada: Placer Gold Opportunities

Western Canada is blessed with placer gold deposits. West of the Rocky Mountains, from Pacific Seafloor deposits that upheaved into the North American Continent. Glaciers scraped this former seafloor , now British Columbia, to give every capable person mineable gold: from fine gold to nuggets. Realistic opportunities exist for anyone willing to give their attention to it, to mine for themselves this valuable treasure. We value the opportunity to confluence with one and all; can you dig it?

Inspiration for what lies beneath us

Mining is not a by-product of progress and human development. It’s an initiative for ingenuity. With knowledge of minerals in supply we become inspired for use; with the knowledge of minerals in need, we become inspired miners. Every object, motion and new day is supported by energy and elements in motion. Our business supports the energy and movements of mankind. In addition to supplying the manufacturing, healthcare and agriculture industry, mining will continuously seek to accommodate the energy needs of billions of people, with elements for power, energy use, transmission and storage. Other minerals are sought for use in superconductors, to prevent waste of energy and limit the need. Consumers are increasingly anxious for feasible petroleum alternatives. Mindsets are attuning to replacing old thinking and not just old equipment

You're a partner 😉

We love our customers: because YOU are not a customer, YOU are not a client. We are not order takers and we are not salespeople. We together are strategic partners. Here at BC Gold we realize you may be at any stage in your mining efforts. From absolute starters, to well seasoned professionals, judge us by the questions we ask. Who we are is our attention and responsiveness to your needs.

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