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Gold Mines For Sale

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Mining Equipment, Mining Properties, Gold Mines & Gold Panning by BC Gold, British Columbia, Canada

Mining Equipment, Mining Properties, Lode Gold and Placer Mining by BC Gold, British Columbia, Canada

BC Gold - Mining Properties for Sale

Gold claims and placer mines for sale
For Sale - Dease Lake    $50,000 ( Unsold/Available )
SNOW CREEK Placer Gold Claim for Sale $50,000/obo
700 metres west of the mine featured on the TV Series “Yukon Gold, Season 1”. 120 kg./gold mined at a fineness of 884.5. 1/3rd of a km. of creek frontage, per side + 2 feeder creeks. Underlain by crown land, <120 metres from Highway 37

For Sale - Okanagan/Similkameen    $7,500 ( Unsold/Available )
Placer claim on Newton Creek by the mouth at Granite Creek $7500
Gold/platinum placer claim for sale in Newton Creek on the west section of the discovery site by the mouth at Granite Creek. One of the most important placer platinum localities worldwide.

For Sale - Kootenays    $7,500 ( Unsold/Available )
PERRY CREEK GOLD VALLEY Placer Claim near Cranbrook, BC $7500/obo
Avg gold fineness of 900. Road accessible with numerous campsite options. 100,000+ grams of gold have been mined from Perry Creek. Approx. 1.9 km. creek frontage per side with numerous gravel bars and benches

For Sale - Okanagan    $7,000 ( Unsold/Available )
MOSSY TOP Fraser River Placer Gold/Platinum Claim $7000/obo
Over 1km. of frontage directly on the Fraser River. Numerous exposed gravel bars and benches. Road accessible

For Sale - Okanagan/Similkameen    $5,000 ( Unsold/Available )
Similkameen River placer gold/platinum claim at Copper Mountain $5000
~1500 metres of river frontage on both sides of the Similkameen River. Underlain by crown land with parking 180 metres from the claim. Located at the flank of a large gold deposit and active mine at Copper Mountain.

For Sale - Cariboo BC Placer Gold Claims and Placer Mining Properties for Sale    $5,000 ( Unsold/Available )
TERTIARY Placer Claim $5000/OBO - Past Producing Fraser River Mine
Avg. bulk sample grades of 1.474-9.70 grams/yard. 68,560 grams/gold mined+unrecorded production. 100% underlain by crown land with road access. Minfile marker located directly on property. Significant expenditures have been applied to this deposit (testin

For Sale - Kootenays    $5,000 ( Unsold/Available )
Kiakho Creek Placer Gold Claim for Sale
-Recent drilling confirms gold values beyond 10 grams per ton, avg 1.86 grams per ton. Road access very close+underlain by crown land with numerous campsite options. 3+ km. of creek and lake frontage per side. Gold occurs in bedrock to the west.

For Sale - Okanagan    $4,500 ( Unsold/Available )
Eakin Creek (Three Mile) Placer Gold Claim for Sale $4500
5,475 grams of gold produced in 4 years, avg. fineness of 837.5. Great road access, year round and 1.5km of creek frontage per side. Camp almost anywhere onsite.

For Sale - Okanagan    $4,000 ( Unsold/Available )
ROCK CREEK at CAMP MCKINNEY Gold/Platinum Placer Claim $4000
1+ km. frontage on both sides of Rock Creek at historic Camp McKinney. Year round road access, mostly crown land with numerous flat, dry campsites. Bedrock units are mineralized with gold; the property is surrounded by past producing gold mines and gold s

For Sale - Okanagan/Similkameen    $3,500 ( Unsold/Available )
Similkameen River Placer Gold/Platinum Mining Property $3500
170m downstream of Pasayten River mouth, whose outwash flows into the claim. On the 1st large outside and inside gravel bend beyond the Pasaytens mouth. High gold values occur in the underlying bedrock. Year round access with parking and camping. Similkam

For Sale - Kootenays    $3,500 ( Unsold/Available )
Moyie River placer gold claim for sale $3500
Approx. 600 metres river frontage per side, a short walk from Crowsnest Hwy. 60% of the property underlain by crown land, camp on-site. 170,000+ grams/gold have been mined on the Moyie, fineness up to 905

For Sale - Atlin    $3,000 ( Unsold/Available )
Slate (Wilson) Creek Gold Claim for Sale $3000/OBO
48,863+ grams gold mined. Underlain by crown land, camp anywhere. 1+ km. creek frontage per side, 3 ponds and 2 feeder creeks. Road to claim also crosses the creek for easy access to both sides.

For Sale - Okanagan    $2,500 ( Unsold/Available )
MONASHEE CREEK Placer Gold Claim for Sale - $2,500
600 metres creek frontage + 3 feeder creeks. Road accessible, park onsite. Underlain by crown land, camp anywhere. Nuggets to 264 grams. High grade silver boulders included in placer rights. 155,000 grams gold mined at fineness of ~700.

For Sale - Cariboo BC    $2,000 ( Unsold/Available )
Fraser River BC Gold Claim for Sale near Williams Lake "Bridge at Sheep Creek" $2000
Directly on the Fraser River. Numerous exposed gravel bars and benches are underlain by crown land. Road access to both sides via bridge that crosses the Fraser River, located at the north end of the property.

For Sale - Okanagan/Similkameen    $2,000 ( Unsold/Available )
TULAMEEN BRIDGE Gold Platinum Placer Claim $2,000
Unique and easy access with KVR railway tunnel leads the claim steps away from parking; the former KVR bridge intersects the claim. 720 metres of workable creek frontage. Richest platinum river in North America and 2nd richest worldwide.

For Sale - Vancouver Island    $2,000 ( Unsold/Available )
BONANZA RIVER Placer Gold Mining Claim $2000
Testing revealed values up to 6.465 grams per ton gold from river gravel. Gold occurs as fines and flakes. Road accessible and completely underlain by crown land with excellent campsite options. Financing available with $500 down and payments for up 6 mon

For Sale - Okanagan/Similkameen    $2,000 ( Unsold/Available )
Similkameen Star Placer Gold/Platinum Claim $2000
Over 500 metres gravel frontage on both side of river. 75% is crown land. Large workable gravel benches steps from car parking off road. Gold and platinum occurs in flour, fines, grains and nugget sized particles. Nuggets occur up to 160 grams. Gold to pl

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Mining properties for sale, gold claims for sale, BC placer claims for sale, gold mines and more!

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gold mines for sale, mining properties, gold claims, BC placer claims and more
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