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Mining Equipment, Mining Properties, Gold Mines & Gold Panning by BC Gold, British Columbia, Canada

Mining Equipment, Mining Properties, Lode Gold and Placer Mining by BC Gold, British Columbia, Canada

BC Gold - Mining Properties for Sale
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Lockie Creek placer gold/platinum claim - $5500 for 100%
 Ad #:164
 Market Status: Unsold/Available
 Listing Type: For Sale
 Price: $5,500
 Category:Gold claims and placer mines for sale

LOCKIE CREEK placer gold/platinum claim $5,500 for 100%

41.89 hectares / 103.51 acres. BC placer tenure 1085014. The property is intersected by road and is 100% underlain by crown land. From the community of Tulameen, British Columbia, proceed 5 km northwest on Lawless Forest Service Road to a fork. Continue on the right fork for another 6 km. or so directly to the site. The claim centre is at latitude   49.587360°  and longitude -120.829380°.

Lockie (Boulder) Creek initially flows south along the west flank of Boulder Mountain for 2.3km, and then continues east for 4 km, entering Otter Lake 4.5 km north of the town of Tulameen. The creek first flows for 3.5km through a narrow valley, then enters a canyon, 2.3km long, before flowing over an alluvial fan on Otter Lake, 0.5km wide. At the Boulder Creek Placer occurrence, gold was recovered from gravels in the lower 2.4km of the creek, and also in a few places above the canyon. One nugget found in 1887, likely the largest gold nugget from the Tulameen district, weighed 1.4kg (or 1,400 grams).

EMPR historical production records indicate 9 tons mined producing 32,230 grams of gold, just downstream of the property. This work appears to be limited to a small area near the creek’s mouth. Historical issues with access may account for the lack of mining in the upper canyon sections.

In 2005, a report was produced that studied the characteristics of PGM (platinum group minerals) discovered in the placer gravels of Lockie Creek, which was included with 4 other sites in the province. A careful review of this report, titled Platinum-Group Minerals From Five Placer Deposits In British Columbia, Canada(Barkov et al, Canadian Mineralogist) details the sampling and result of this new information ( since historic production records show only gold recovery):

“This sample (18 grams) was collected from Lockie Creek, approximately 1 km from its mouth at Otter Lake and 4 km north of Tulameen. The concentrate is a dark gray to black, well-sorted fine sand. Fine gold and possible PGM grains are visible in the sample. Magnetite, pyrite and rare chalcopyrite also are present. The sample was collected at a small open-pit mine exploiting an alluvial fan placer. The placer gravels sit directly on bedrock and are one to two meters thick. They probably represent fluvial and colluvial sediments deposited prior  to,  and  in  the  early  stages of, fan development. They are overlain by three to four meters of bouldery fan gravels with relatively low concentrations of placer minerals…Gold nuggets are mostly flattened with rounded edges. They become more angular and coarser upstream…The sequence is interpreted as an alluvial fan deposit consisting mainly of reworked glacial sediments.”

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Warning - This property is offered for mining purposes only and ownership of the title to it does not include ownership of the surface rights or the right to use the surface for residential or recreational purposes.

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