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Operating gold mine in Yukon with equipment and cabin - reduced by $50K to $100,000 for 100%
written by Yukon Placer Mine for Sale, July 04, 2013
275,000+ grams of gold produced, Proven, probable and possible reserves are 841,060 cubic metres @ 1.3 grams per ton
written by BC Placer Deposit for Sale, July 04, 2013

BOULDER CREEK Gold Placer Deposit: was $60,000 Now only $27,500 for 100%
Discoevered in 2009, 17 test pits and 800m of seismic lines - very well documented. Very RARE!
written by New BC Placer Deposit for Sale, July 04, 2013
-Newly discovered in 2009 with 17 test pits and >800 metres of seismic lines

-Road accessible, abundant water

-Located in the heart of the Cariboo goldfields near Barkerville

97.54 hectares / 241 acres. The property is located 25 kilometres southwest of Wells, British Columbia in a placer designated area within the Cariboo Mining District.
On a choice stretch of Hardscrabble Creek, Cariboo BC
written by BC Placer Gold Claim for Sale, July 04, 2013
Historically the property has been worked since the 1880s with the main project being the drifting of a drainage tunnel along bed rock from a point just NE of the confluence of Hardscrabble Creek, and the Willow River. This adit extended north for a distance of some 625 meters terminating very near the northend of placer claim 1711 (Assessment Report 21199). Considerable drifting was done in and around the north end following the sinking of a 19 meter shaft as well as at the south end where a shaft was sunk to the 28 meter level.

From 1879 to 1895 the estimated combined production of Hardscrabble and Sugar Creeks totalled about 5,180 ounces (161,098 grams).

In 1991, Dragon Mountain Placers prospected and sampled their placer claims on Hardscrabble Creek. It was thought that the previous old-time" high-graded the gutter of the creek, leaving most of the valley fill in place.”

In 1992, Harold Cohen, P.Geo for Cottonwood Resources, evaluated claims on Hardscrabble Creek and its confluence with Willow River, reporting assessment work filed under ARIS 21199, where 3 assays were completed at the confluence of Hardscrabble Creek and Willow with gold values ranging from 4.069 to 11.472 ounces per ton:

“A surface evaluation was made of the claims through several traverses of the area. Samples were collected from a number of well exposed gravel outcrops. Assays of a number of these samples are includes in the report. Locations of the samples assayed are shown on the data map.

A large tailings pile is located immediately east of Hardscrabble Creek near a production shaft dug for the exploitation of the gutter of Hardscrabble Creek. The tailings pile and shaft are located just north of a trappers cabin.
Stop taking yourself so seriously
written by Admin, July 07, 2013
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Gold claim for sale on Antler Creek - only $2500
written by BC Placer Claims, July 07, 2013
Located at Racetrack Flats, near Barkerville BC. Antler Creek is the 3rd most productive creek in total placer gold production within the Cariboo, Canada's largest placer gold region.
Placer Gold Claim for Sale on Pleasant Valley Creek - now $2450
written by BC Placer Claims, July 07, 2013
Recorded gold production from the area totals more than 3.8 million ounces, including an estimated 2.64 million ounces from placer mining.
COPPER & GOLD MINE FOR SALE -Includes 713 Acres of Land- New Price: $2.9 million (was $4.9M!!)
written by Sunro Copper Gold Mine for Sale, July 07, 2013
-Former operational mine, see BC Minfile 092C_073

-Revenue $20 million/year in copper and gold with $11 million investment to restart mine (est.)

-Land offers stunning Mt. Olympus views over Juan de Fuca Straight, subdivide and sell for post-reclamation residential use
Mineral Mountain gold property, southwestern Utah.
written by Mining Properties for Sale, July 07, 2013

- 3,940 acres of BLM mining claims;
- Accessible by county roads with the potential for year-round operations.
- Carlin-style, disseminated mineralization in near surface sandstones;
- 4 miles from Goldstrike mine (Utah) which produced 280,000 oz gold and 197,000 oz. silver;
- Current NI 43-101 report with a small inferred resource (completed February 2010);
- 93 historic drill holes and drill log database;
- Drilling and sampling database in ArcGIS and Micromine platforms;
- Near surface inferred resource that is open to expansion;
- Potential for higher grade mineralization in carbonate rocks below the mineralized sandstones;
- Cadillac Mining has recently drilled 82 meters of 1.25 g/t gold near our property (in the same district);
- This property is the culmination of a decade-plus regional exploration program conducted by multiple well respected mining and exploration companies including Pegasus, Midway Gold, Permian Exploration, Occidental, Inspiration Mines, and Tenneco.
Uranium/REE prospect for sale near St. Simeon Quebec
written by Mining Properties for Sale, July 08, 2013
Option for $50,000 cash or cash/shares + 1% NSR, OBO.

View our listing here http://bcgold.com/mining-prope...wnship-126
20 BC crown grants over the Erie/Arlington and Canadian King mine - great deposit, low taxes
written by Mining Properties for Sale, July 08, 2013

70.89 Hectares or 669.39 Acres. Minfile 082FSW205 082FSW203 Production Records Inventory Report. Consisting of 20 Crown-granted claims and fractions, is located between Rest and Hooch Creeks about 4.8 kilometres northwest of Salmo.

View our listing here:

New placer gold claim for sale on Tripp Creek, Vancouver Island BC
written by GOLD CLAIMS FOR SALE, November 26, 2013
$3500 OBO, just listed. Values of 0.375 grams/gold per ton in sediment. In outwash area of Mount Valentine which may account for anomalously higher than normal levels of gold...http://bcgold.com/placer-prope...island-140
a 1.4 kilogram gold nugget was found here - placer gold claim for sale on Boulder Creek in Tulameen area
written by GOLD CLAIMS FOR SALE, November 26, 2013
20.95 hectares / 51.76 acres. Road accessible.

The property is situated in the upper canyon of Lockie Creek, as described by N.L. Barlee in his book Gold Creeks and Ghost Towns (Hancock House 1974, pp. 24,25): "Better than most of the other creeks in the area with some chance of finding previously untouched paystreaks above the canyon".

Click on our link above to find out more on this and other gold claims for sale
Gold claim for sale on famous Rock Creek near Bridesville BC
written by GOLD CLAIMS FOR SALE, November 26, 2013
New listing: BC Placer Gold Mining Claim for Sale on Erie Creek near Salmo British Columbia
written by GOLD CLAIMS FOR SALE, January 30, 2014
Are you looking to find a placer mining claim on Monashee Creek? Check out our new listing near Cherryville...
written by GOLD CLAIMS FOR SALE, January 30, 2014
New placer gold mining claim for sale on sought after Perry Creek, downstream of teh Jewel Box with 3 road accesses
written by BC Placer Gold Mining Claims for Sale, January 30, 2014
Just listed - the Three Valley Gap rare earth occurrence, listed in Minfile 082LNE026
written by BC REE Mining Properties for Sale, February 07, 2014

Tantalum, Scandium, Lanthanum, Cerium, Ytterbium, Scandium, Neodymium

Power lines, road accessibility and excellent year round lodging by the property (the Three Valley Gap Resort) provide the new owner with infrastructure to support ongoing work.

Asking price: The property is available in consideration of $9,500 for 100% or for option with $5,000 paid down with cash or cash/shares.
written by Kevin Thompson, February 14, 2014
asking to be on your mailing list. Also interested in your services to sale mining claims.

Fraser River placer gold claim for sale near Clinton BC $4000 - excellent access, easy river crossing, exposed bars and benches
written by Gold Claims for Sale, February 19, 2014
written by randall peterson, January 24, 2016
I have dicovered an area after a large mudslide completely washed away boulders and huge amount of sediment on a portion of Creek my family owns. The creek has been displaced 20 feet higher than it was. I hiked up the ridge to find where this slide started and discovered the washout completely exposed several elements I believe to be signs gold may be present. Rotten bedrock a large slick of blue clay running through it about 60 feet long. Looks like a waterslide. I found lots of quartz garnet pyrite copper ancient lava blue clay and of course the bedrock. No gold silver or black sand at least on the surface. There is a fine gravel bar striking along side the clay and dropping down under it. Is it possible the precious metal can be underneath the clay. Any experienced knowledge would be appreciated.
written by Robert, April 13, 2017
I want to give money to anyone to help me pan gold on there claim , I have good money but will run out soon I do not want to loose my house or Family . please and thankyou
Anaconda mining
written by gelo buendia, August 21, 2018
TORONTO, July 11, 2018 /CNW/ - Anaconda Mining Inc. ("Anaconda" or the "Company") (TSX: ANX) (OTCQX: ANXGF) is pleased to announce production results and certain financial information from the three and six months ended June 30, 2018 ("Q2 2018"). All dollar amounts are in Canadian Dollars. The Company expects to file its second quarter financial statements and management discussion and analysis by August 2, 2018.

In 2017, the Company changed its fiscal year-end to December 31, from its previous fiscal year end of May 31. Consequently, Anaconda has now reverted to a customary quarterly reporting calendar based on a December 31 financial year-end, with fiscal quarters ending on the last day in March, June, September, and December each year. For comparative purposes, the results for the three and six months ended June 30, 2018, have been compared to the three and six months ended May 31, 2017.

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